Supporting Education Across the United States

The Mark & Carolyn Guidry Foundation has been assisting with fundraising for schools across the country since 1993. Our goal is to promote opportunities for the youth in arts and education for a brighter future.

Where Our Money Goes


– Hattiesburg High School
– Lafourche Parish Schools
– Los Altos High School
– Bitterwater Tully (Top Festival beneficiary)
– King City High (Top Festival beneficiary)
– Saratoga Education Foundation
– Tahoe Truckee USD
– Saratoga High School Foundation
– Torrance Ed. Foundation
– Riviera School PTA
– Richardson Middle School
– South High School

Higher Education

– Louisiana State University
– University of Washington
– Iowa State University
– San Jose State University
– University of Nevada, Las Vegas Arts
– University of Nevada, Las Vegas Engineering
– Cal Poly San Louis Obispo
– VetMed, University of California Davis
– Chico State University

Arts & Special Interests

– San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum
– Sierra Nevada Children’s Museum
– Bainbridge Isle Children’s Museum
– Las Vegas Children’s Discovery Museum
– Los Altos High School Music Boosters
– Saratoga Music Boosters
– Tulare CTY. Library
– Arboretum Foundation
– MVLA Foundation
– RAFT (Teacher’s resource)
– Woodland Park Zoo
– Las Vegas Natural History Museum
– South Bay Conservatory

We are always looking for new great programs to support!
Our latest program is supporting the Big & Digital Cinema Learning Challenge

About Us

Preoccupied with an LSU electrical engineering design competition, Mark Guidry BSEE 1959 and Carolyn Campbell BSEE 1959 had their sights set on winning, rather than one another, when they first met. But, that would change over the course of their senior year at LSU.

“I had created a lie detector, but I was impressed with Carolyn’s transistor amplifier,” recalled Mark Guidry. “She won the competition and went on to compete nationally at Duke University.”

A love story in the making, the Guidry’s married the week after earning their Bachelor’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1959, and spent their honeymoon driving across the country to Seattle, Wash., where they began working at Boeing.

Both Guidry’s achieved great success at Boeing, but education beckoned. Mark earned his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1961 from the University of Washington and PhD from Iowa State University in 1965. He and Carolyn then returned to LSU, where Mark became a faculty member in the Electrical Engineering department while Carolyn devoted her time raising their family.

“When I returned as faculty,” said Mark, “I conducted research in semiconductor technology, laser technology and radio wave propagation…but Carolyn was the talented engineer. After the children were in high school, she went back to get her Master’s in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University and joined Hewlett Packard Company, where she was directly responsible for developing micro code for computer systems.”

In 1993, after retiring from Hewlett Packard, Carolyn founded the Mark and Carolyn Guidry Foundation to support education and the arts.

“For Carolyn and I, education has always been a driving force in our family and in our foundation’s philanthropic work,” said Mark. “It is important to give a child a good education, and we can help provide that opportunity.”

Sadly, Carolyn passed away in 2009 after a long, courageous battle with complications of vasculitis. “After Carolyn died, our three children assumed a more significant role in our Foundation,” said Mark.

The organization founded in her name lives on, however, and continues to raise money through donations and the bi-annual Avaline Music Festival held on the family’s ranch property in Central Coast, California.